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  • Screens-Bundle TV and cinema

    Enjoyment and regionalism are written in capital letters in Mein schönes Land und meine gute Landküche. Test both magazines and benefit from an attractive combined price.

    Your benefits:

  • You reach the high-income TV Spielfilm readers in the high-consumption age group (Ø 45 years).
  • PLUS: Expand your planning to include the young and tech-savvy target group of Cinema readers (Ø 29 years).
  • Keyfacts

    Sources: Sold circulation IVW III/20 | reach: ma 2020 II | prices valid from 01.01.2021
    Circulation 1,108,218
    Reach 5.68 m
    Combi booking 81,938 EUR
    Single booking 86,250 EUR
    Saving 5.00 %

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