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    Joanna-Katharina Wedl

    Senior Brand Manager

    Joanna-Katharina Wedl

    Senior Brand Manager

    Arabellastrasse 27


    Sumptuous pictures and extravagant articles combined with playful inspiration and great service.

    A brand that has traditionally been a barometer of the Zeitgeist and a catalyst of the lifestyle culture and social change now offers the same considerable presence to the digital world.

    Key data

    Portalname harpersbazaar.de
    Unique Users 1.20 m1
    Page Impressions 2.97 m2
    Visits 2.56 m3
    Facebook Fans 341,0684
    Instagram 92,7144
    Pinterest 55,6864
    1 AGOF ddf 03/21
    2 IVW 07/21
    3 IVW 07/21
    4 December 2020, publisher's statement

    Why harpersbazaar.de?

  • harpersbazaar.de is the jewel in the crown of online fashion journalism.
  • harpersbazaar.de puts the attractive HARPER'S BAZAAR target audience on the web.
  • Fully responsive, endless scrolling and a large-scale front-end layout offer the perfect platform for effective online advertising.
  • Advertise on harpersbazaar.de

    harpersbazaar.de offers 100% brand safety, high-end environments and a pure, luxury and lifestyle-focused target audience combined with large-scale, visible display branding formats and native advertising.

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