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    burda style magazine is one of the biggest DIY and creative magazines in the world, with a long history and rich tradition. Over the past 68 years, burda style has been showing its readers how to sew their own clothing – with the distinctive burda style sewing pattern sheet! Along with its sewing expertise and high-quality sewing patterns, burda style also provides guidance and inspiration on fabrics, materials, handling, sewing techniques and styling.

    In addition to this, burda style inspires its readers in all aspects of their lives and provides the latest trends not only in fashion and accessories, but also in beauty, home decoration and baking!

    burda style magazine extends its target audience with various print special editions to complement the main issue.

    Its online presence includes burdastyle.de, with an online shop, a community and a wide range of inspiring content. Our extensive presence on Social Media, with growing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube accounts, also allows us to reach a young and dynamic target audience.

    burda style regularly hosts creative events for its target audience, like After Work Crafting, the burda style talent contest and Influencer Days!

    burda style encourages its readers to embrace and express their creativity and individuality. It has become an indispensable international guide for trends, fashion, sewing and lifestyle – in more than 100 countries and 17 different languages!

    Main target audience

    The burda style target audience are trend conscious, creative women of all ages, with a high quality standard who are looking to fulfil their desire for individuality. The readers are looking for DIY inspiration and reliable shopping tipps in the fields of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

    [Source contacts: target group E14+, b4p 2018 II, *brand reach cross media monthly print and desktop, AGOF ddf  ∅ mont (Oct, Nov, Dec 2018), IVW 3/18, distributed circulation]


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