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    Find your point of contact

    FOCUS e-paper is the digital version of FOCUS, the modern news magazine from the German capital of Berlin, a place where trends are born and important political decisions reached. FOCUS addresses the full spectrum of important social issues like no other news magazine in its class.

    Why FOCUS Magazine?

  • FOCUS concentrates on a wide spectrum of important social issues and offers a platform for communication in a highly credible publication
  • FOCUS reaches 3.90 million people – An educated, affluent target audience with a progressive, optimistic world view, a wide range of interests and an openness to new products.
  • Modern, emotional visual language
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    Advertising in the FOCUS e-paper

    FOCUS brings clarity to complex topics and offers its readers the orientation they need to navigate this fast, digital world.

    FOCUS incorporates emotional visual language in multi-dimensional stories, and combines unique narratives with high-quality service. Advertisers benefit from the credibility of the FOCUS media brand, which has enjoyed an excellent reputation among its readers for many years. FOCUS offers advertisers from nearly all sectors an attractive platform for successful brand communication.

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